Bracelets are a piece of accessory that never goes out of style. They are easy to wear and can be easily customized to suit one’s needs and wants. You can never have too many of this piece as it comes in different forms, designs, and purposes.

People have been wearing bracelets as an accessory since time immemorial. There are pieces of evidence showing that our ancestors wore this for decorative purposes. Aside from it being attractive, it symbolizes wealth, status, and influence.

And it being a part of fashion transcends space. All over the world, you will see it decorating the arms and wrists of people of all ages and gender.

Whether you need it for a formal occasion or for everyday use, you will surely find something that you will like at Omega Diamond Jewelers.

You can even get a custom-designed piece made to suit your taste. And with our expertise in selecting the best materials to use, you are sure to have the finest pieces of jewelry to show off your style.

Popular Bracelets

Humans are naturally attracted to anything shiny like the precious metals that constitute accessories and the stones that bejewel them.

Spruce up any outfit, even the plainest ones, with a bracelet! Elevate your all-black outfit with this as the statement accessory. You can choose from these common styles:

Tennis Bracelets

Simple but elegant, this kind of bracelet sports diamonds placed next to each other on a single strand of metal. It was tennis player Chris Evert that popularized this type of bracelet.

In one of her matches, the bracelet she was wearing broke causing the game to pause. The incident was so iconic that even many decades after, it is still a favorite among many, athlete or not.

Don’t forget, you can match your tennis bracelet with a matching tennis necklace and can be customized to any length. Visit our necklace page to learn more.


Bangles are a kind of bracelet that holds up its shape, does not drape, and is not flimsy. You can wear a single chunky piece or mix and match several pieces together.

They come in different sizes. In choosing your bangles, or any bracelet for that matter, consider the size of your wrist. Too big, the bracelet may slip off.

And the thicker it is, the slimmer your wrist will appear. But you should also keep a safe clearance so that it sits on your wrist nicely and comfortably.

Our Bangles can be customized to fit any wrist size whether you need a very small size or a larger size, we can make the perfect size for your wrist

Beaded Bracelets

Wearing beaded bracelets add a splash of color to your outfit. They are flexible and the patterns on the beads, if any, also add another dimension to the design.

Chain Bracelets with Charms

Another favorite is the chain bracelet which you can add charms to. Collect charms that signify milestones in your life and add them to your bracelet to make it more meaningful.

Aside from being more attractive and interesting, they make great conversation starters just like any bracelet.

Wide Selection of Bracelets at Omega Diamond Jewelers

At Omega Diamond Jewelers, feel free to check out our bracelets that are made with top quality gemstones, precious metals, and diamonds.

Whether you are shopping for a fashionable piece, a classic heirloom, or as a gift for a loved one, our highly trained staff can surely help you find one that you will like.

And if you have a custom design in mind, feel free to inquire about our services. Omega Diamond Jewelers can help you turn that design into reality.

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