Customized Jewelry: Omega Diamond Jewelers Will Create It

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the timeless and cherished pieces a woman can own. It lasts a lifetime practically even beyond your living years. Moreover, custom jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved one or yourself.

Whatever the occasion is, Omega Diamond Jewelers can help you make the piece of jewelry you desire. Whether it’s a ring studded with diamonds or earrings sparkling with gemstones, we can craft your unique preferences into a masterpiece that is totally you or your recipient’s.

So, why choose us in creating your customized jewelry?

Wide Array of Options Available

No piece of jewelry communicates more meaning and thoughtfulness than custom jewelry crafted according to your specifications, either for yourself or for a loved one.

Gemstones According to Birth Month

You can handpick a gemstone according to the recipient’s birth month. We have the complete range of birth stones and we can cut your choice according to your preferred shape. We can also present gemstones in a variety of cuts for you to choose from.

Accents and Designs

One of the more popular jewelry designs is, no matter what the birth stone is, clients usually want it encrusted with more precious stones, specifically diamonds. Mix and match them for a look that is uniquely you. 

You can also add charms that may symbolize certain parts of your life, like a charm that represents a loved one, a hobby, or sport.

We can present to you some design ideas that we have gathered from decades of attending gemology tradeshows and continuing education seminars.

Precious Metals

As part of custom jewelry, you get to choose the precious metal of your ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, whether it is gold, platinum, silver, or tungsten. Or a combination of these! Make it two-toned, three-toned – the design possibilities are endless!

3D Rendering

The excitiing part of custom jewelry is that you will play an active part in the design process every step of the way! Be your own unique jeweler while our expert gemologist listens to your specific requests and executes it in a 3D rendering software. Not only do we provide 4 different views of the custom piece, we also offer a unique 3D live Cad video giving a unique experience along with a wax to try on and see in person before the casting process begins.

Omega Diamond Jewelers use 3D rendering so you can see the likeness of your customized jewelry. The advantage is the opportunity to make changes before the creation starts and you get exactly what you want. No custom jewelry is finalized without you seeing a preview first and getting your approval.

Also, our customization includes re-sizing and upgrading your current jewelry pieces.

Being family operated, we are able to uphold strict standards and provide quality products and services. All our jewelry pieces, customized or not, are made with expertise and keen attention to detail.

Custom Jewelry to Suit Your Budget

Tell us your budget and we can work around this to get the design you want without sacrificing design and quality.

Get Your Dream Custom Jewelry from Omega Diamond

If you have a design in mind, or want to help us plan your dream jewelry, don’t hesitate to visit us in our Cumming Georgia jewelry store. Omega Diamond Jewelers have decades of experience in handmade jewelry.

Are you ready to experience the Omega Diamond Jewelers Difference?

Schedule your free consultation today and one of our team members will be excited to assist you in your journey to finding the perfect piece of jewelry.