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Jewelry Appraisal

If you want to know the value of your jewelries for certain reasons, there is no other place to bring it to other than with Omega Diamond Jewelers. 

In our store, we assure that our clients get the most accurate value of their jewelries. As such, we have served our clients for 35 years with the utmost trust and confidence. 

We also ensure that your prized possessions are in good hands. In our store, we only have accredited jewelers of the Gemological Institute of America (GMI) to handle your jewelries. The GMI is the world’s leading institution for gemstone evaluation. 

Jacob our resident appraiser has a European Bachelors degree from Franklin University located in Switzerland. For 4 years, he studied and obtained a different level of design and styling interpretation on jewelry. With a newly acquired appreciation in jewelry, Art, design and diamonds and gemstones he attended G.I.A. Gemological Institute of America who set the standards globally, and obtained the diamond graduate degree and plans on continuing his love for the jewelry industry.

Our Jewelry Appraisal Services


Jewelry appraisal requires the most thorough inspection for you to get a transparent and precise valuation. Likewise, there are many reasons why appraisal is important when owning jewelries and these include the following:

  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Knowing the current value of an heirloom
  • Selling or auctioning a gem
  • Equitable distribution for the division of collections
  • Liquidating Assets and estate tax
  • Crafting your own jewelry catalog

With Omega Diamond Jewelers, you can get your much-needed peace of mind from knowing the worth of your jewelries. As such, equipped with the necessary expertise, our accredited gemologists will give an unbiased estimate. 


We also pair our jeweler’s expertise with high-grade gemological equipment. As a result, included in our equipment, to name a few, are the following: 

  • Binocular microscopes with zoom magnification for inspection.
  • Certified sets of master diamond for grade comparison.
  • Jewelry scales to determine carat value.

At Omega Diamond Jewelers, we believe that only high-skilled specialists and state-of-the-art equipment should assess your gems.

How do I determine if my jewelry appraisal is accurate?

All our appraisals are left in the hands of our in-house GIA accredited gemologist. Coupled with advanced technology and a computerized monitoring system of up-to-date market values, you’ll get the most precise value of your assets. 

In addition, we also provide a thorough report and documentation from our appraisal result. The report will have the necessary information about the:

  • Detailed description of every gem
  • Content and weight of every material (metal, silver, gold)
  • Internal diagram
  • Fair Estimate Value of the jewelry

Why choose Omega Diamond Jewelers for Jewelry Appraisal?

We are one of the most dependable family-owned jewelry stores in America for over three decades. 

We are also members of The Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO). The organization upholds the highest ethical standards and professional integrity in gemology. 

As such, being a member of IJO ensures that our customers are highly protected. We also boast that our services are based on values of trust, integrity, honesty and expertise.  

Here at Omega Diamond Jewelries, you will enjoy the following benefits of our jewelry appraisal:

  • Friendly and reliable customer service
  • Fast appraisal report
  • A detailed explanation of terminologies and the appraisal process 
  • Photomicrographs, if requested

At Omega Diamond Jewelers, we love seeing our customer’s take an interest in their jewelries. For over three decades, we have helped thousands of families know the true value of their possession and benefit from it. 

Are you ready to experience the Omega Diamond Jewelers Difference?

Schedule your free consultation today and one of our team members will be excited to assist you in your journey to finding the perfect piece of jewelry.