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Jewelry Repair

When a piece of jewelry has become a part of one’s life, it’s quite normal for the metal components to wear. The chains can break from constant stretching. Or the prongs become loose. 

At Omega Diamond Jewelers, we offer jewelry repair for regular services or custom designs. You can visit anytime for an assessment. 

You are welcome to speak to our repair specialists for an analysis for our Master Jeweler to work on with his/her expertise. We will work with you to develop a solution to get your precious jewelry as good as new.

More About Jewelry Repairs

We have jewelry repair experts that can make your treasured jewelry look as stunning as it did the day you bought it. Whether it’s a cleaning job or a major repair, we got you covered. 

Since 1975, Omega Diamond Jewelers have been offering jewelry repair services while you wait. Whether it’s a family heirloom or brand new, we know how important an adored piece of jewelry is to you. 

Our skilled jewelers provide a wide range of outstanding jewelry repairs, refurbishment, and refinishing services including: 

  • Ring Sizing
  • Stone Setting
  • Tighten Loose Stones
  • Ring Shank Replacement
  • Restringing Pearls & Beads
  • Replace Clasps
  • Refinishing
  • Prong Re-tipping
  • Polish Jewelry
  • Jewelry Refurbishing
  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • Chain Repair
  • Bracelet Resizing
  • Bracelet Re-hinging
  • Watch repair
  • Head replacement
  • Chain soldering 

Regular check-ups prolong the life of your jewelry and prevent the loss of gemstones and diamonds. If the prongs that hold gemstones are a bit loose, we can tighten them as needed. 

We Can Make Your Jewelry Look As Good As New

With cleaning and polishing, you’ll be surprised at how your jewelry will look as good as new. 

We clean your jewelry to remove dirt and grime build-up. We polish jewelry pieces to remove dullness and tarnish that is common among silver jewelry. 

We work with absolute precision to refurbish your jewelry and regain its absolute radiance in a matter of minutes.

Our jewelry cleaning and reconditioning method includes:
  • Inspection
  • Polishing
  • Stone Matching
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Checking for loose or Missing Stones
  • Replacing Missing or Damaged Stones

Watch Repair Services

If your watch needs servicing, Omega Diamond can help! 

If you bring your watch to us, you can expect meticulous care and excellent service. We fix your watch with the help of our modern and sophisticated equipment. This allows us to perform the job at our on-site facility.

No repair job is too complicated for our skilled jewelry specialists. From vintage to modern, from chronographs to automatics, from quartz models to complex movements — we can get your treasured timepieces back on track in a matter of minutes.

Regardless of your needs, when you visit Omega Diamond Jewelers, you can rest assured in knowing that your precious jewelry is well taken cared of.

No matter how difficult the repairs are, we’ll work with you to evaluate the damage. We treat your jewelry with the utmost care as we restore them to their original beauty.

Bring Your Broken Jewelry to Us and We’ll Do the Rest!

At Omega Diamond Jewelers, we repair jewelry of any metal such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and more.  

Contact us or visit us today if you have old, worn, or broken jewelry. 

Are you ready to experience the Omega Diamond Jewelers Difference?

Schedule your free consultation today and one of our team members will be excited to assist you in your journey to finding the perfect piece of jewelry.