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Backed with decades of experience, the Omega Diamond Jewelers has mastered the art of crafting necklaces. Whether it’s a pendant, a chain, a locket or any precious metal and adorned with precious stones, you can expect to see beautiful pieces made from high quality materials. 

We offer different styles that range from diamond necklaces, silver, pearl, to trendy and fashion necklaces, practically to suit any personality or mood. No matter what you seek for, you will surely find one that will speak to you the most.

Diamond Necklaces

You’ve probably heard of the famous saying, “A diamond is forever.” Diamonds are a type of gemstone that’s been held with the highest regards. Aside from its beauty, it symbolizes many factors such as power, love, life, strength, and even protection.

As you look at our collection of diamond necklaces, you will find that each piece has been designed with the greatest attention to detail. And each piece hides a meaning that is revealed solely to the wearer, further establishing a deeper connection between them. 

Take our necklace with a diamond circle pendant, for instance. This type of jewelry often symbolizes eternity, but will reveal so much more once it finally meets its owner. Truly, this makes each necklace one of a kind.

Silver Necklaces

We have a wide collection of silver necklaces enough to practically suit any taste or preference.

Silver has always been a piece of jewelry that represents dignity. It also signifies gentleness, compassion, justice, responsibility, and self-control. Even before, people looked at it as a piece of jewelry that passes on wisdom to the wearer.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are among the popular accessories because it can match a casual attire or a formal one. It is so versatile and classic that we have given preference for this type of necklace as you can see in our vast collection. Our pearls have been set in different types of precious metals to match your mood or attire.

Gemstone Necklace 

Gemstone necklaces are equally as popular especially because of how each of us cherishes our birth stone, or simply to have a matching necklace with colored stones for every attire. A birthstone necklace as a gift shows thoughtfulness as it is such a personal statement.  View our wide range of gemstone necklaces.

Elegant Looking Pendants

We also carry a lot of pendants to suit one’s preferences, whether it is a locket, to charm pendants which you can mix and match with your chain necklace. 

Choose Your Next Necklace from Omega Diamond

With our wide selection of necklaces, there is practically one for every mood or preference. With every necklace comes a guarantee of the highest quality as we are a trusted and reliable family jeweler in Metro Atlanta Georgia. We are accredited jewelers of the Gemological Institute of America and a Master IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization) Jeweler, with the assurance of expertise that we have mastered in over 35 years. Find your next necklace in our collection.

Tennis Necklace

Simple but elegant, this kind of bracelet sports diamonds placed next to each other on a single strand of metal. It was tennis player Chris Evert that popularized this type of bracelet but has become so popular that we started to make matching necklaces in any length. Visit our bracelet page to learn more about our tennis bracelets.

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