Wedding Band

With a wedding band symbolizing a major, life-changing moment, choosing one should be done with time and detail. We at Omega Diamond understand this and we are here to be your reliable and trusted jeweler to help and guide you in making the best selection.

Our wide collection of wedding bands starts with sourcing the finest precious metals and diamonds. We take as much time and attention in choosing our wedding bands and always uphold our principle to be your trusted. respected jeweler.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamonds are a hands-down favorite when it comes to wedding bands, and we made sure we have enough designs available to suit any personality, taste, and unique preferences. We begin with choosing the diamonds for the wedding band.

Hand-selecting the Diamonds

We take crafting each wedding band as intimately as the wearer would. We take extra lengths to get the diamond that lives up to the high standards as befitting a piece of jewelry that lasts a lifetime. 

Our selection of the diamond for the wedding ring even takes us thousands of miles to get to the source of the diamonds – in Antwerp, Belgium, which is the diamond capital of the world. 

Not only does it assure the client of high-quality diamonds, but also because we go direct to the source, we avoid the mark up of a US importer/distributor. This means substantial savings for our dear clients. This also gives the client a wide array of diamonds to choose from according to size, shape, color and clarity.

Our clients are assured to get the best as we are accredited jewelers by the Gemological Institute of America and backed by over 35 years of experience.

Precious Metals

After choosing the stones, we set them in a precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum. We then craft the design of the band itself and this combination of diamonds, precious metals and design makes each wedding band unique to the couple.


We also give our clients the freedom to express their own style. You can have your wedding bands customized by us. Simply tell us what you want, and we’ll run it through our 3D Rendering Computer Aided Design system (AutoCAD system). Our second popular option is scanning your existing engagement ring to create a file to work with our CAD and create a wedding band that is the perfectly curved fit for your ring

This system allows you to visualize your wedding bands before we create them. It ensures that we capture the actual design you have in mind. Afterwards, we finish producing our 3D renderings within 24 hours. And your wedding bands are ready in just two weeks.

Wedding Band Upgrade

Great customer service is just as important as having a great product. You need a jeweler who will understand you from the onset all the way to after-sales service. 

Financial situations dramatically improve over time and couples might want an upgrade of their wedding bands. At Omega Diamond, we likewise upgrade our craft by attending tradeshows and can present you with upgrade ideas.

Choosing the right wedding bands can be overwhelming as it is exciting. So, we make the process easier by sharing our experience and expertise. 

If you’re ready to find the right wedding bands, you can start by browsing through our Diamond Wedding Band and Men’s Wedding Bands sections.

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